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Top three website design trend for 2016

Website Design Trend


Responsive web design                                                          responsive-web-design

Responsive web design will still be top in the chart .The significant growth in the use of mobile device has made Responsive web an industry-wide accepted approach. As we look to 2016, responsive web design reaches a height of   maturation, it will bring along with it a number of best practices as well as some exciting trends. Responsive web design will be a lot more than just a solution to the issue of optimising for mobile.

Interactivity and an immersive design

Design that narrates the art of storytelling. Continuous and parallax scroll websites would be a choice as it works well for storytelling. Design that engages the visitors and help gain an emotional response will be a key driver of web design trends in the year 2016.

Simple design that works

Simplicity is the best policy. Keeping things simple with clean and simple web design experience concentrating on clear cut content will be the focus of the year providing the visitor with better result and user experience. With the development of single scroll websites, storytelling, and concentration on mobile device , today’s trend require websites that load quickly and easily on mobile devices, resulting in an improved UX and reduced bounce rate and improved UX.

So simplicity in design is what 2016 design requires.

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