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Consider choosing Web Design Company

3 things you need to consider in choosing Web Design Company. Web design can bring along a lot of expense and trouble if you don’t catch the objective right. There is no doubt website are the biggest winning tools in the digital era. Getting the website right can be tricky, so to get you in […]

Three reasons why WordPress websites is the best

WordPress Websites nearly powers 25% of the internet. It is famous for a reason, that reason make us at Synergy use WordPress for most of our website. WordPress stands out all different CMS available today is because it matches our motto, Make Life Easier. WordPress has made the life of all website designer easier, like […]

Top three website design trend for 2016

Website Design Trend   Responsive web design                                                           Responsive web design will still be top in the chart .The significant growth in the use of mobile device […]

Things to consider while designing logo for company

Logo is the foremost thing that people look at when they look into your company. Logo is what represents. Logo becomes company’s brand and is the single most visible demonstration of the company within the target market. How many times  people say don’t judge a book by its cover, but people tend to do that, […]

Website Upgrade

Is it really important to give your website a face-lift? Yes it indeed is important to give your website upgrade . Here is the list of things that you have to look into your website and decide if your website needs an upgrade Does your website design match the 2016 web design trends? Is your […]

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization What are search engines actually looking at? Search engines care about the user and want to perform to the best by referring them to websites and content that is the most relevant. How do  search engines  determine relevancy ? Content: SEO content is any content with an objective of inviting search engine traffic. […]

Website Importance for Small and Medium Businesses

Development in the technology sector is actually shrinking business and industry to mobile phones. By exploiting the latest technological benefits and developments Small and medium business enterprises (SME) are realizing their business solutions are no different than that of the largest enterprises. In order to pace up with the changing demand of the customer, it […]