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Things to consider while designing logo for company

Logo is the foremost thing that people look at when they look into your company. Logo is what represents. Logo becomes company’s brand and is the single most visible demonstration of the company within the target market. How many times  people say don’t judge a book by its cover, but people tend to do that, for most of the mass First impression is what counts. Logo helps create that first impression to the targeted segment.


What should a company logo be like ?

Here we have listed three things that a company needs to consider while designing logo:

  1. Logo needs to be able to make a mark to the potential customer .It should be unique and comprehensive.
  2. Simplicity is the best policy, Logo needs to be simple ,simple for the audience to relate to
  3. Logo is carried out in all marketing collaterals (e.g. website, business card , letterhead ) so the font, colour and graphics should justify all these medium

These are the three things that needs to be considered ,that is it must be suitable for the business; it must be notable; and it must be simple in form.

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